Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Stop Fear Speaking

Do you feel like you can’t possibly move forward until you lose 10 kilo, have enough money, be given permission, know the right people, wait till your kids are old enough, get a degree, get more experience, pay your dues, or obtain the right equipment?

If you assume that you need to do something before you can do the thing you really want to do, please check that assumption — especially if the source of your information is your own mind.

This is fear speaking!

You see the mind wants everything to be “perfect”. Guess what? Perfect doesn’t exist.

Your soul doesn’t care about perfection. It cares about growth and creating expansion and happiness.

There comes a time where you literally need to jump off the cliff…you will not feel ready…..AND by jumping off anyway the universe will come to your aid. This is when all co-operative forces will come together. 

It is in living life, going after our dreams, in investing in your Self that your mind says you can’t afford, that we get closer to our dreams.


   When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.
― Zig Ziglar

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happy Australia Day 2018

Happy Australia Day 2018

Australia Day celebrations are as different and diverse as Australians themselves. From fireworks to food trucks, live music and indigenous cultural ceremonies, cricket matches and even jumping castles, there are many ways you can celebrate Australia Day this year.

A HIGHLIGHT of summer is January 26 when we celebrate our national day, often accompanied by beers, barbecues and beaches.

Lets celebrate everything that makes Australia great!!!

Have a great weekend everyone :-) 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

From: Life Is An Adventure
Wishing you a Great 2018

Lets make it awesome :-)

"The only thing that stands between a person and what they
want from life is often merely the will to TRY it and the
faith to BELIEVE that it is possible."
- Anthony Robbins

Monday, December 25, 2017

º¿º Merry Christmas Everyone º¿º

I'm not going to join the PC brigade!!!

I want to wish everyone a 

*****Merry Christmas*****

I hope Santa brings you everything you wish for.

Have a great Holiday - From Life Is An Adventure.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Six Rules for Happiness

Six basic rules that help you find inner 
peace and happiness

- Be yourself, not someone else people expect you to be 

- Always do what your heart directs you to. Not your mind, your heart!

- Make the conscious decision to connect to nature 

- Help others. Good things will come back to you right in line with helping others. 

- And finally, make the choice to do things that bring you happiness

Have a great day :-) 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Want to make this coming New Year different

Its nearly New Year's resolutions time! Again. Sigh!
Many of us wonder if we should even bother…

Some of us do get excited about the New Year as we
start it with a clean slate. It's like the beginning of a new
race, one that begins in January and ends in December.

This New Year, what goals would you like to achieve? 

Would you like to be healthier? 
Would you like to be stronger, fitter, have more energy? 
What would you like to weigh? 
Would you like to look and feel better?

The trouble is, even with the best of intentions the
enthusiasm to make healthy changes tends to fade once
we realise we can't change everything overnight.

 It pays to keep things simple.

*Set Your Intentions for the Day*

First thing in the morning, check in with yourself for what
you want to achieve for the day, review what is important
to you. Not a huge list, just the basics.

*Pack a Lunch You're Excited About*

If you're packing lunch for work, don't be all like, "the mixed
greens will be satisfying". They won't, so get real! Add some
protein, some light cheese, nuts or seeds – yummy, satisfying
texture that will add crunch, taste and deliciousness.

*Exercise Whenever You Can*

Walk more, park further away, get busy outside, and include
more incidental activity throughout your day at every
opportunity. Just DO something.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pomodoro Technique and Eating Frogs.

Curious title HUH... it's all about killing procrastination - read on :-)

Have you seen the little motivational movie called “Eat That Frog”?

It’s a minute and a half video by Mac Anderson that postulates that if
the first thing you do each morning when you wake up is eat a live frog,
nothing worse can happen to you for the rest of the day.

Can’t say I disagree! How about you?

You may have heard of Brian Tracy, a well-known personal development coach.
He said that your “frog” should be the most difficult task on your to do list.

This way, by handling this hard task first, you’re not likely to
procrastinate on it, and leave important things undone.

What is the Pomodoro technique and how will it help you "Eat the Frog"?

The Pomodoro Technique was developed to help people focus more
on doing one thing and at the same time produce top class work
in the end.

There are 5 easy steps to complete that’s included in the
Pomodoro technique:

Step 1. You must select or choose the task that you really want to
accomplish (Your Frog). You can do so by listing down all the tasks that you
need done for the week and identify which one is of greater
importance. The rest of the tasks should be saved for another
time or day.

Step 2. Using your alarm clock or stop watch, set it for 25 minutes
and you may begin your task. Focus on accomplishing as much
as you can for twenty five minutes; until the alarm goes off.

Step 3. After your 25 minutes are up, make sure to take a break
for about five (5) minutes. Taking breaks in between work can
refresh your mind and keep your focus and concentration going
for many hours. Aside from this, you will not easily feel burnt out.

Step 4. Make sure to repeat steps one until three for as much or
as often as four cycles. Scheduling your tasks will work perfectly,
especially if your task is a bit draining or heavy.

Step 5. Continue to work on the process for 4 times or until your
work is done. Rest for 25 minutes and you may begin another
cycle on another type of task.

These steps are indeed simple, easy to follow and the technique
really works, especially for those who keep getting distracted by
outside forces such as time, people and extra work.

Soon, you will notice that you are getting more things done
compared to when you are cramming and swamped with work
and extracurricular activities at home or in the office.

And soon, the technique will be completely part of your daily work routine,
You will be "Eating the Frog" every day.

To your success :-)

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